Dear Awesometastic Reader,

Five Minute Thanks is essentially me forcing myself to a) be more thankful and b) write words. Although I feel odd to put forcing and thankfulness in the same sentence that’s the truth of the matter. This blog is dedicated therefore to dichotomy – the unexpected things to be thankful for (a companion to Something Stupendous which is the unexpected silver linings in every day things). It’s also dedicated to people who feel down and out and not all that thankful. Maybe we can re-find thankfulness together, cause I certainly seem to lose it a lot.

There are a few rules:

1) Post once a day on every single work day

2) No more than 5 minutes to write a post (may finish sentence once 5 minute limit is reached)

3) No backspacing/editing except for the purposes of spelling and grammar errors

4) The topic must be something that I’m thankful for at that exact second, the first thing that comes to my head


Aria Bauer's Face

Thanks for: Snuggly Leopards

Your leopard clad letter writer is often referred to as Aria Bauer by basically no-one as her immediate circle feels the need to use copious amounts of nicknames. I’m a recent grad with a background in sciency sorts of things. One time I made clones. Fruit Fly clones but clones just the same. I am incredibly thankful for my current writing job where I sometimes work on mildly sciency things and mostly on a random smorgasboard of other things. If you’re looking for copious amounts of tv/comic book nerd knowledge I’m the place to come with specializations in the Justice League, Doctor Who, and Disney.

Stay Stupendous,



3 thoughts on “About

    • The rules keep me from being too perfectionist…Well I’m glad that you’re the one that has to do the bitter! Fun to read but I probably couldn’t pull it off…
      It’s a nice give and take relationship.


      • It definitely is a fine line. But you know being nice all the time in the face of adversity like my blog and your dad falling asleep in the middle of movies so you have talent too!


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