Thanks For: The Day the Election Signs Come Down

Dear People who slather the city in low budget signage with basically nothing but their name taking up all the available space,

Voting is good but I’m most thankful for the reduction in signage across the city. Red, blue, yellow, green. The signs are great in that they let me know the names of my candidates so I can soundly mildly politically intelligent. But they tend to accumulate. It just starts with one. But as the election continues they expand. It’s like they’re breeding. Though only candidates with red and blue signs were running. BAM PURPLE. Hello whole new candidate who finally got their sign team out.

It’s mildly amusing. Sometimes I rate candidates on their signs. Points for visually appealing. Optimal placement. Readability from car. Placement relative to other signs. Legality of location.

But once elections are over the signs come down and we’re reminded of how much green space really is in this city.




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