Thanks For: Putting Nukes Inside Hurricanes Is Not A Good Idea

Dear People Who Actually Did the Math on Nuclear Bombs Inside Hurricanes,

You pretty much sum it up in your third sentence: “Needless to say, this is not a good idea.” Thank you so much for clarifying. But more importantly, thank you for bothering to do this research in the first place. I absolutely love the idea that there’s someone somewhere doing complicated math equations about the effect of nuclear bombs on hurricanes.

I also love how Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory got asked this question so often that they felt the need to post a formal response to the question (link). That tells me that our imaginations are working just fine people.

Apparently there’s a theory that we can stop hurricanes by blowing them up with nuclear weapons. My favourite part of this article is that THEY DON’T DENY THAT THIS COULD WORK. I quote “apart from the fact that this might not even alter the storm”


If it might not alter the storm it also MIGHT ALTER THE STORM. Maybe not stop it. But alterations are a distinction possible. Very sneaky researchers, making us focus on the negative and glossing right over that might.

It’s a fabulous idea. Very low budget movie type stuff. But fabulous in concept.

Only in concept, not in execution. DO NOT EXECUTE THE MIGHT. Because while shoving a nuclear bomb inside a hurricane might alter the storm, it will most definitely spread radioactive fallout all over everything.

This, needless to say, is not a good idea.

But the fact that this was released from a government funded facility means that the US has thought about this. Thanks for working so far outside the box.

And thanks for indulging the sci-fi nerds like me,



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