Thanks For: Watches That Keep Falling Behind

Dear Recently Reset Watch,

You keep falling behind and somehow I’m finding something poetic in it. Realistically I should be upset at your unpredictability and your high potential for error but here the thing, you don’t fall behind like a normal watch. And there’a special little place in my heart for the abnormal. The good kind of abnormal.

You don’t lose time consistently. If your battery was winding down I’d assume that you’d slowly lose time. Like in hour 1 you’d be a minute behind, hour 2 two minutes, until after a day you’re a full twenty minutes behind. Or something slightly less constant and more exponential. Eventually you’d stop because the battery is out of ticks.

But you don’t do that. You work and work and work and keep on ticking perfectly for days. Then boom. Twenty minutes behind. I reset you. You work perfectly again. For days. Then boom. Fifteen minutes behind.

Your little heart keeps stopping and starting. You give up and then pick up your bootstraps and keeping on ticking. You just need that little boost to get you back where you’re supposed to be.

And little watch, I wear you in an age where no-one under 40 wears watches. You were a discount watch at Walmart of all places. You’re stuck in a time period you don’t belong in and come from the discount bin of an already discount store. If you were a person, I wouldn’t blame you for stopping everyone in a while, for falling over.

So I admire you for starting right back up again once I give you a jump ahead. A pat on the back if you will. And yeah, one day you’ll give out and move on. But that’s how things work. That’s how everyone works. But for now you’re right on track.

Please keep ticking,



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