Thanks For: Undoing that Plot Line Where Two Siblings Were in Love; Please don’t do it again

Dear Writer Whose First 3 Books I consumed in 2 Days Because I was so uncomfortable with all the possible incest that I had to keep reading until you finally confirmed my suspicions that the siblings were not actually siblings,

Please don’t do that. It’s one thing in Game of Thrones where it’s just one smallish plot line in a sea of a million other plotlines but in your book the whole siblings-in-romantic-love thing was supposed to be the main love triangle thing. I have never been more uncomfortable reading books. Ever.

And I’ve read every Song of Ice and Fire book.

Why am I thankful? Not for the uncomfortable reading or the fictional romance itself as both mostly just made me nauseous. I never enjoy feeling pukish as it puts a real damper on my enjoyment of delicious sweet things. I suppose I could be thankful for the silver lining post I’m considering for Something Stupendous.

But I’m thankful that you had the common to sense to be like ‘PSYCH they’re not actually siblings. Don’t you feel better.’ Thank you for trying to fix it.

Not that you did fix it. I’ve moved onto book 4 because at this point I’ve invested too much time to give up regardless of my feelings on the subject. Guess what. I’m still uncomfortable with that romance. Even knowing they’re not siblings. Sill weird.

Also, you made yourself an out. He’s not her brother, THIS GUY is actually her brother. The problem? She’s also kissed THIS GUY. So there’s still uncomfortable sibling kissing. Lovely.

But thanks for the effort. And thanks, I guess, for the weird emotions I’ve got going on. I guess that’s what books are supposed to do? But don’t do it again.



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