Thanks For: FLUFFY COWS!!!

Dear Adorably Fluffy Cows,

Cows are not supposed to be the cutest thing since anime eyes and fuzzy ducklings. Cows are supposed to mildly dirty, grass eating beasts of milk and beef meandering through fields but when I went to the Fall Fair BAM pretty cows. I’m still not entirely sure how to process this.

HAVE YOU SEEN FLUFFY COWS? Because my mind is so blown that I’m going to put pictures of fluffy cows all over this post. I’m at the fair and instead of going on midway rides or winning inflatable weaponry at carnival games or gorging myself on panzerottis and poutine, I’m standing there staring at cows. The only thing going through my mind was ‘they’re so fluffy I’m gonna die’.

My brain just shut down at the fluffiness and un-cow-like-ness.

I wanted to huge them all but they’re show cows, for the cow show, and there were buff security men keeping the mind blown city slickers from aggressively cuddling the livestock. My friend was all ‘let’s go see the bunnies’. And I just sat there like, ‘but cows. so fluffy’.


So thank you  pretty fluffy cows. You blew my mind. You made my whole Thanksgiving weekend (Canada eh). Please keep being fluffy. Never give up the blow dryer and all props to your cow beautician for the immaculate fluffiness. You all deserve ribbons.

So fluffy,



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