Thanks For: Magic Artisan Popcorn Coffee Roasters

Dear ‘Coffee Beans are Made like Popcorn’ Roasters,

I don’t even drink coffee, it tastes like bitter and tears to me, and I’m still impressed with with your on site giant coffee roasting techniques. You made the coffee right in front of me. There were intricate graphs detailed how to properly roast each type of bean in a machine that holds more coffee beans than my total mass. You could chop me up and I’d have no problem fitting.  Then my boss got to drink said coffee. Not coffee made of me. Just normal fancy coffee.

I avoided the cup of bitterness and went straight to the joy that is warm chocolate covered in whip cream. You made that jazz from scratch too. When I got to the bottom of the cup there was a layer of chocolate coating the bottom. If it wasn’t a business meeting I would have gone at it with a spoon. I refrained because I’m a professional adult.

But I really really wanted to. Know that.

Also coffee beans do not look like coffee beans before they are roasted. They are not brown. They are beige and tiny. The roasting browns them and puff them up. I did not know this. I makes perfect sense but I never thought about it before, coffee from the field is essentially put in a specialized popcorn machine, cooked and poofed. You just don’t roast them to the popping point.

What would happen if I put coffee beans pre-roast in a popcorn maker? These are the truly important questions.

So thank you for the fabulous hot chocolate, the lesson on coffee creation/roasting, and the popcorn related questions. I will never look at a cup of over-energetic bitterness the same.




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