Thanks For: Cold Calls of Terror

Dear Paralyzed-with-Fear Cold Calls,

I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that I’m being sarcastic. Who likes cold calls? No-one. I don’t even like cold calls, making or receiving, but I’m thankful for them. You can be thankful for annoying things right? Maybe?

You can be thankful for MIND-NUMBING TERROR INDUCING THINGS TOO. Which is what making cold calls are to me. You want me to do sales? Sure. Marketing. Done. Make a speech in front of a hundred gazillion people. I genuinely really want to. You want me to call someone who is expecting the call. I can do that.

You want me to call someone out of the blue? Terrifying. Guess what I had to do. Yupp. That’s right. It took me 15 minutes to psych myself up for it and then I just went for it. Still terrifying but mostly done. Bad phone.

But I’m thankful for the cold calls of paralyzing fear because they forced me to stretch myself. They’re making me grow even if I hate them. It’s a brain thing. If I can knock on car windows and sell things I can do this. Yes. Growth is good.

People who are nice to the people making cold calls are even better. What are the chances that the 2 people I have to cold call again will read this before I make the call? Here’s hoping.

Be nice to the cold call people. You don’t know. Maybe they’re terrified.

So thank you for the stretching fear,



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