Thanks for: Empty Cubicleville

Dear Empty Cubicles Everywhere,

I, the lowest on the work power totem pole, currently have the biggest office. In fact, I’ve got a whole section of the building purely for yours truly. My boss meeting clients. All my cubicle buddies are meeting different clients. I’m here manically benevolently ruling over four cubicles, an extra office, a boardroom, two filing rooms, the computer servers, two bathrooms, and 13 whiteboard. My realm.

The power. It’s phenomenal.

The entire area with all the cubicles is mine to control. I’ve got my iPod on WITHOUT THE HEADPHONES. That’s power right there. I can get up and pace the whole room. I can draw bat symbols on other people’s whiteboard. I can look out of windows. I can pace. I can take my laptop and go work in, pause to count, any of the 29 chairs available.

I might just spend the day rotating. This is magnificent. Thank you cubicleville for being empty. Delusional states of power are good for a person once in while.



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