Thanks for: Cautiously Observant Fathers

Dear Dad,

Having two alarm clocks makes sense, one to wake you me and one to wake me up if I’ve accidentally fallen back asleep. This systems is, of course, useless if I FORGET TO SET EITHER ALARM CLOCK. Which was me, last night, before falling blissfully into dreamland with the confidence that I would be awakened by either the persistent beep beep of the digital clock or the ‘HOLY CRAP GET UP THE CITY IS ON FIRE’ ringing of the Avengers themes tick tock clock.

Instead I was awakened by you, The Father, poking me in the shoulder in saying, “Do you know it’s 7:30?” In a dazed, sleepy state I assured you that yes, I knew. With a pause, you then ambled out of the room to resume making your customary oats. I fell back into the pillow.

Then I bounded upward as my brain realized that 7:30 and 6:30 were entirely different beasts. They’re not just an hour different. They’re leisurely eat breakfast while interneting vs racing around the house and choking down cereal different.

Fun fact. I can still get ready with a real breakfast in 20 minutes. This was a regular thing in high school. Excuse me circadian rhythms but where were you? You’re my back-up back-up alarm.

So all thanks to my dear ol’ Dad for to bothering to awaken his slumbering child. My back-up back-up back-up alarm clock. I am Grumpy McGrumperson when I’m awakened un-needlessly so thank you for chancing the fact that was supposed to be off work today and for waking me anyway.

Mother’s no help here, she’s not even up and moving when I leave the house. It’s all on you Father. And you delivered.




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