Thanks For: Wall Lurkers

Dear Chairs by walls,

I write this on the break in the middle of the staff meeting. I adore staff meetings, I love meetings of any kind because I’m apparently mildly crazy but staff meetings are my favourite kind. You get to hear about what everyone else is doing. All the bits and bobs and things you didn’t know.

But I wouldn’t get to attend if it weren’t for your existence wall chairs, you let me join the wall lurkers and participate. Even when I don’t get to sit at the conference table due to the sheer number of people and my newness to the company.

This is okay. If this was a different blog I’d say stupendous. But here, I’m just thankful for the opportunity. I know that you’re supposed to endeavor towards the big chairs at the conference table or be resentful of being delegated off to the side of the room to side alongside the wall.

But I’m happy to be a wall lurker. I’m simply thankful to be there. They could just as easily not bother to invite me in at all. It’s not as though I”m contributing. It’s not as though I have deep insights into the 5 year plan. I don’t even know the 1 year plan. I’m brand spanking new.

But you wall chairs, allow me to join the party. You allow me the opportunity to sit, listen and learn. Better yet, you still allow me to speak up if the occasion demands it. I would never get to the big conference chair if you, dear wall chair, didn’t allow me lurk around the room and taking everything in.

So you are not the chair in the corner, you’re the chair that lets me learn and grow. And I’m thankful for the opportunity.

I must now return my butt to you for staff meeting part 2.




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