Thanks for: Sunsets in My Eyeballs

Dear Strategically Placed Sunset,

Normally I’m not a fan your propensity to shine directly in my eyes, surpassing the protective power of the sunglasses and potentially searing the rods and cones of my retinas into permanent non-compliance. However last night you knew that  my exhausted introvert-ness needed it.

Having stayed at the job late for the staff potluck fun times by the time I headed on my hour long commute home the sun was setting. You know this, you’re the sun. Now I’m down to hang out with my colleagues. They’re great people, I have a nice time, it’s all good. Except after. After is always a challenge.

Because I am a good little introvert who has the uncanny ability to temporarily become the most extroverted of all the extroverted. This comes in handy at parities, work functions, and generally any social situation. It also exhausts me. Not physically. It exhausts my brain. I shut off.

The dreaded, fairly dangerous auto-driving. You know when you’re driving the car and suddenly you’re home and you have no idea how you got there? Yes that. It’s quite dangerous. Not an ideal state. But that was my introvert exhausted mind once the extrovert mask was slunk back into the cupboard to recharge.

But you, dear sunset, prevented me from going into this auto-drive zombie daze by shining your brightest rays of last sunbeams into my eyes. You forced my eyeballs to focus all the way home as you slowly sunk over the horizon. Minor pain yes but I arrived home safely and I didn’t hit or hurt anyone else.

So thank you,


PS The quasi-baking was a hit so that’s something!


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