Thanks for: Squirrels with Giant Cookies

Dear Prancing Squirrel,

I woke up this morning, leaped across the room to the alarm clock, and opened the blinds. Greeting me was you, a bushy brown squirrel prancing across my driveway with a cookie in your mouth. Not just any cookie – a giant cookie. This cookie was larger than the your head.

You’d hit little squirrel jackpot. It’s getting cold out and you’re busy busy busy burying his nuts for winter. Scrambling through our trees, terrorizing the sparrows, and avoiding the copious amount of stray cats lurking about. In the middle of that businesses you somehow found a cookie. I could feel the happiness radiating off you even through my sleep blurred eyes.

Somehow you, Mr Squirrel, transferred that to me and I spent my early morning hours grooving through breakfast, belting out tunes on the commute, and bouncing in my office chair.

You found a cookie. The cookie made you happy. Your happiness made me happy. If nothing else my enthusiastic answer of ‘awesome’ when my boss asked how I was this morning might make him a little happy.

That’s a cookie for you.

Keep prancing Mr Squirrel,



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