Thanks for: Unexpected Kissing

No, not me. Please no, do not unexpectedly kiss me – that is entirely not what I meant. There shall be no kissing of my person unexpectedly. That is not what I’m thankful for and I wrote the title before thinking that I  might be encouraging surprise kiss-attacks. Only consensual kissing please and thank you.

What I meant to say was thanks for witnessing unexpected kissing. Let me tell you a story:

I’m driving along my 45 minute ride to work. Winds slightly down, crisp breeze busting through the crack, rivulets of condensation refusing to entirely clear the windshield and allow me to actually see the road. Peering through one of the holes the car’s fan as created in the foggy window, I notice that yes, the light has turned red. Maybe I should stop.

This will of course, prolong the journey to work (it’s a really long light), but I panic and hit the brake. Through the other hole in the foggy window I catch sight of a teenage boy also waiting for the light to change. Tallish, thinish, black hair that’s longish. Think your stereotypical teenage emo-punk if you like labels.

I think, oh, that’s sad. He’s all alone. This is highlighted by the gaggle of teenage girls waiting at the opposite corner. When lo and behold from behind his thinness emerges a thinish, shortish, equally emo-ish teenage girl. She swings around in front of him and I have entirely stopped caring about the light.

I immediately ship them. Temporary OTP.

Come on. Come on. Come on. Closer and closer. Then finally. They kiss, right there on the street corner in the coldish chilly air. Just a peck. The light turns green. I speed away.

Grinning. There’s someone for everyone.

Thank you for the reminder,



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