Thanks for: Rediscovered Books

Hello Darling Paper-Based Imagination Adventure Book,

I’d like to say that I’ve missed you but in all honesty I forgot about you. Sadly, you can’t explicitly miss what you’ve forgotten. But you should know that I’ve missed you implicitly, that is, my soul has missed you without my active realization.

You’re the book that I use to love back in the day. A novel geared at high school students but I read you back in grade 7 and 8. Don’t think that my forgotten implies that I didn’t love you. I used to get in fights with one of my best friends, Bells, over who would take you out (of the library). We had to learn to share, names alternating on the sturdy piece of ‘checkout paper’ tucked into a sleeve on your back cover. You were an epic tale of sword fighting fun, horse riding action, a little bit of magic, and my first foray back into fantasy after being so soundly taught that I wasn’t supposed to be reading about magic.

You brought that back, dear book.

I’ve since forgotten you in the sea of new loves, but you managed to wiggle your way back into my life. That same friend found the prequel. Read the prequel. Loved the prequel. By pure chance she happened to mention it to me. And BOOM, I re-found you.

I dug through old memories to draw out hours spent reading and rereading your pages, smiling, happy, and little bit rebellious. So, as I no longer had access to the library of my childhood, I trawled the internet to find myself a copy of you.

I found you. I’m reading you and I still love you. I love you old book for the story you hold. As exciting at twenty-something as you were to me at twelve. You hold that power that all special books do, you take me away, you broaden my perspectives, and you make me want to have an adventure.

So thank you dear old love of a book for waiting so patiently.

Thank you for still holding the power of stories,



2 thoughts on “Thanks for: Rediscovered Books

  1. Just came across your post, and quite strangely, this was just what I encountered a few weeks ago. I hope you enjoyed your adventure with your old friend. Rather, I’m pretty sure you must have.


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