Thanks for: Out-of-Scope Drills

Dear Drill-Bearing Whiteboard Men,

I don’t like working with my back to the door, not because I’m doing anything illicit that I have to quickly click out of, but for a much more innocent reason. When I’m working I’m easily startable. As in I jump. Often. Frequently. Like a tiny baby deer reacts to an innocent leaf that fell a touch to close to his ear and he takes off like a rocket at nothing. 

That’s me. Tiny baby deer. Even better the literal knee jerk reaction caused by the startling appearance of people of in cubicle causing intense pain as my knee connects with the unforgiving hard desk. The tops of my kneecaps resemble an impressionist painting.

When we switched offices I still ended up in a cubicle that would put my back to the door. A GLASS DOOR OF ALL THINGS. This was not cool beans. So, being naturally contrary I have turned my computers so that the door is to my left where I can see it and the computers are perched on a corner of the desk. 

The obstacle was the keyboard tray. It just hovered under the desk being both a secondary source of knee related bruise pain and preventing me from putting my chair in the optimal position. Basically I was sitting across the cubicle with the keyboard on my lap and the computer screens all the way over the desk. A solid meter between us. 

Enter my thankfulness. There were maintenance guys putting up whiteboards in my general cubicle area. They had a drill. I eyed the drill like it was an invincibility star in the middle of a Mario game. I wanted it. But they weren’t here for me.  When I asked the slightly smokey men if they could please remove the evil keyboard tray from underneath my desk, they laughed. 

But they did it. Totally outside their job description. But they did it. 

So thank you white board installation people bearing drills for un-removable nuts and bolts. Now I can actually get near my computer.

Also thank you from my knees,



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