Thanks for: Persistent Circadian Rhythms

Dear Circadian Rhythms, 

You saved my ever-loving butt and I am extremely thankful for it. Like extremely thankful for it. Circadian rhythms, not only are you a fun phrase for biology students to say to non-biology students, but you faithfully remind my body that it’s time to wake up. Certainly I hate you most days and we have a particular loathing feeling on Saturdays when you try to wake me up at 6:30AM rather than 10AM. But not today. 

Today I forgot to set either of my two alarm clocks and you were still there for me. 6:30AM on the dot you were poking the back of my eyes. Wake up, wake up, time to go to work. I foolishly ignored you, trusting that if the alarm clocks hadn’t gone off yet then it certainly couldn’t be time. I resented you for waking me up at what I was sure was 5 in the morning. 

But it was not. You kept poking as I dreamed delightful semi-conscious dreams of a teenage Batman and Wonder Woman who had Avatar the Last Airbender like powers. I was enjoying the dream, but you poked me awake again with your gentle nudging, “it’s getting kind of late don’t you think? Shouldn’t you wake up. You’ve got work.”

I ignored you. I’m sorry. Thank you for being patient. Finally I heard the ruckus of the mother in the kitchen. This confused me, the mother is never up this early. Later I found it was only because the cardiologist is making her get blood work. But i never would have heard her if you hadn’t already awoken me circadian rhythms. 

When you finally convinced me to grudgingly check the alarm clock I had 30 minutes to get ready for work. This was how long it took me to get ready for University. You knew. You remembered that I need at least 30 minutes to toss on clothes and actually eat breakfast because I can’t got without a real breakfast. 

Thank you for your persistence circadian rhythms, I’m sorry for the days I resent you. Although truthfully, come Saturday, I will probably resent you again. 

Enjoy today,



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