Thanks for: Garbage Men Who Crush Trash for Children

Dear Garbage Men,

I say garbage men not because I’m not thankful for garbage women but simply because I’ve never seen a woman take our garbage. I’m equally thankful to garbage women. After I wrote the first line I felt I should clarify because I can’t backspace.

But I’m thankful for you garbage people, not only for taking away the heaping bags of trash and recycling that we leave at the end of the driveway, but also because of the joy factor that you bring. Yes, when the words ‘why I’m thankful for garbage men’ comes to mind typically we think – because I don’t want the garbage piling up. Which is a very true assertion.

But speaking as twenties something six year old, I love you garbage men. I’m thankful for the way you stand on the back of the truck all heroically and jump on and off while the truck is still moving. Let me tell you, that jazz is incredibly cool.

I’m also thankful for the way that you intentionally compress the garbage when you know there’s a small child watching. There is nothing more interesting than watching the giant crushing of a huge amount of trash. When you see the tiny children and myself press ourselves against the windows to watch you come by – we know because you beep loudly, thank you for warning us – you never fail to demonstrate the awesome crushing capabilities of your trucks.

My hedgehog (little brother) and I use to love watching you do this. It was the highlight of our 5 and 8 year old morning. I was less excited because he’d come bursting into my room and wake me up because I had the best window. But it was still adorable the way you’d smile, wave, and then crush the garbage for us.

Thanks for the good memories. Thanks for feeding Hedgehog’s fascination with ‘Mighty Machines’. Keep doing what you’re doing.




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