Thanks for: Adorable Cell Phone Moms

Dear Mom,

I figure that The Mother is always a good place to start when expressing one’s thankfulness. This could be thankfulness either for your existence mom or it could be thankfulness for the things that you do. 

I’m not entirely sure if we’re being honest. Which we are because as you’ve said multiple times, honestly is your key thing. 

I feel like that might have come across sarcastically. It wasn’t intended to be sarcastic. Loving honesty is a fantastic thing. It’s hard to control one’s sarcastic tendencies  without tone and with only 5 minutes to compose a letter. So I’m really not being sarcastic. Shocking, I know. Okay, that bit was sarcastic. 

But I’m not talking about sarcasm here. I’m talking about you and my thankfulness. There’s nothing specific occurring to me right now but when I thought ‘what am I thankful for’ well, ‘Mom’ was the first answer. So congratulations. You are my default thankfulness. 

Let me think of something more specific. I’m thankful for the adorable way that you get excited whenever you get a text message. 

Yes that was the first thing that came to mind. 

But I actually think it’s a good one. You love getting texts. Your whole face lights up when it does that annoying ding because you won’t turn off the sound and you scurry over and check who it was. You know, sometimes I worry about you and I want to make sure that you’re having a good day and talking to your friends and when that little phone dings and you light up like how I imagine I did when you acquired milk chocolate chipits it makes me happy. 

I would say more but my timer is insisting that my 5 minutes are over. 

So thank you Mom for loving the ding on your cell phone and being adorable about it. 




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